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Now that our web site has quite a few pages it’s common for visitors to check out our site and not be aware of pages that have been updated.  In order to keep our guests up to date we added this page which should always be your first page to visit when returning to our site.  Here we will show which pages have been updated and when.  Recent changes are as follows:

  • October 16 – We would like to announce that the last sailing event for this year will be a daysail at Blue Marsh Lake this Thursday, October 19.  We plan to meet at the State Hill Boat Launch at 1:30 PM and have dinner afterwards at Ganly’s.  Any questions, call Joe Rutolo.
  • We’d also like to bring to everyone’s attention an important matter regarding weather forecasting for the Chesapeake Bay area.  Our last Chesapeake vagabond from Sandy Point to Ferry Point Marina on the Magothy River was canceled for the fourth consecutive time this past weekend.  We made the decision on Friday after reading that Small Craft Advisories were likely to be issued for the period Sunday through Tuesday.  Ironically, the Weather Channel app on my smartphone was calling for sunny and warm conditions with winds around 10-15 mph.  It sounded perfect.  NOAA, however told a much different story.  They were predicting winds of 15-20, gusting to 25 with waves up to three feet!  Who should we believe?  Well, it just so happened that a member of our sail club was on the Bay on his 30 foot sailboat in the area we planned to sail.  After discussing this subject with him via email it became very obvious that NOAA should be the ONLY weather source to use when planning a Chesapeake trip.  Some descriptions he provided about Sunday were “Things got really bad just outside of Rock Hall and Gratitude.  I remember one sailing vessel in the 30 foot range pitching out of the water, exposing about a third  of her keel with waves in the 3-4 foot range.”  I am definitely glad we decided to cancel.  So please, if you aren’t already using it, visit NOAA Marine.  Just click on the section of the Chesapeake you plan to visit for a detailed forecast for that area.  Another very useful tool is the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System.  Here you can find links to mobile apps to the Buoy System that can be used on your smart phone or tablet.  If you prefer to visit the Buoy System directly use this link.  Included in the link is a phone number that can be called if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet.  The number is 877-BUOY BAY.  The buoy system provides a host of valuable information about current conditions in various locations throughout the Bay including wind speed, wave height and duration, etc.  Be sure to bookmark these valuable tools on your computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet.  Since this information is so valuable links to these websites have been permanently added to our Links on the right side of each webpage under the Category “Sailing Related.” 
  • October 13 – Details from our General Membership Meeting, Elections, and Photo Contest can now be seen on our Recent Events Page.  
  • October 9 – Our Recent Events Page has just been updated with pictures and a story about our October Vagabonds and our Upcoming Events Page has been updated with information about the Commodore’s Banquet.
  • September 30 – Commodore Hrabak has published his final Commodore’s Message “There Are No Endings – Just New Beginnings.”  See it on our Commodore’s Message Page
  • September 22 – Our Upcoming Events Page has just been updated to include all events through the remainder of this year, including our all important Commodore’s Banquet.  Please be advised that the deadline to submit payment is October 29.  Our membership will be receiving an email soon with a form to print and mail in, along with your payment.  And if you haven’t yet seen our story and photos from our Fall Cruise be sure to visit our Recent Events Page.
  • September 19 – The Fall Cruise story with pictures is now on our Recent Events page
  • September 13 – Several changes have taken place regarding our upcoming sailing schedule.  Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for details.  Also, the July Meeting Minutes have been posted.

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