Join or Renew

Anyone interested in joining BMSA may contact Membership Chair Ron Hrabak at
610-775-0186 for more information. Single membership is $25, $35 for couples or families with children under 18, and affiliate memberships are $15 for those who live outside the area.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Benefit from the knowledge and shared experiences of other members whether new to boating or with a lifetime of boating.
  • The opportunity to participate in weekend cruises and raft ups.
  • Blue Marsh Sailing Association is a member of Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club’s Association. Members often enjoy the hospitality of other member clubs in the form of reduced slip rates and access to club restaurants.
  • Social activities such as trips to local historic sites, club picnics, dinner gatherings, and the occasional last-minute get together.

If you would like to become a member of BMSA click BMSA Renewal Form  for an application. Although the Renewal Form is due by January 31 for existing members, new members can use the same form to join at any time, and members who join from September forward will be credited from the date they join through the following year.