2013 Fall Cruisers Enjoy Beautiful Weather


Our Fall Cruise this year seemed to be a rerun of the Spring Cruise with the final participation winding up with only two boats.  The cruise was held October 4-6 and while the winds could have been a little heavier they were not bad and the weather was near perfect for a cruise.  Tony and Mary Stajkowski on Coventina and me with Ron Hrabak as crew on Babe made up the “fleet” that caravanned to Sandy Point to begin our cruise.

Our first leg was to Selby bay in the South River a distance of 10 miles.  I actually sailed for three hours against a slight current and then finished the day off motoring- a total of about 4.5 hours.  It was a pleasant day on the water without much boat traffic.  We rafted together for cocktails and had a pot of chili for dinner.  Coventina split off and we had a restful night as the night was calm.

Saturday morning we took our time getting started as we only had to leave the South River and go into the West River a short sail of 7 miles.  However the wind was light and the tide slightly unfavorable.  So after floating around for much of the day the motors came on and in we went to Pirates Cove.  Our slips were together and a stone’s throw from the outside dining area.  A nice hot shower made us whole again.  After cocktails we had dinner overlooking our little boats sitting quietly in their slips.  A few drinks, pleasant conversation, and music coming from the bar area every time the door opened sped the evening along.  Sleep came easily that night!

On Sunday we decided to forego breakfast at the marina for a lighter one onboard in order to get a quicker start.  A good following wind virtually all day made for a nice ride back to Sandy Point 12.5 miles away.  I elected to make a long tack off the wind which made the trip longer but still arrived back in 5.5 hours.  The trip was made even more enjoyable as we watched the races off Annapolis and I saw more spinnakers than I have for many years.  An uneventful drive home topped off a most enjoyable cruise.  I’m already looking forward to the next one!  Tom Stoner

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