Sail to Bernville in the Rain

A Bad Day of Sailing Beats a Good Day at Work

We had cleaned and packed everything up and just started out to return when the rain started.  I put a rain jacket on but Henry elected to just enjoy the rain. He finally relented and put one on after about a half hour. We had three boats - Tony and Mary got a late start so were not with us on the way up and then they took a couple wrong turns so they never caught up with us and decided to return when it started to rain. We managed to sail all the way to Church Road - Armando and Ralph, Russ and Tom Lucas and daughter Tegan, and Henry and I. The winds were light but the overcast skies kept it cool and except for a few fishermen we had the lake to ourselves. At the park we had a table and enjoyed our tube steak lunch. On the way back after sailing for a half mile we decided to motor and I pulled the two powerless sailboats back to the dock. The two boats being pulled alongside each other took the opportunity to get even wetter with a water fight between them. All and all it was a fun alternative to the daysail to Nockamixon.

Tom Stoner

Editor’s Note:  Upon contacting the above participants for their perspective on this event a comment was received that one of the captains had the audacity to hide behind his mainsail while sacrificing his crew in order to drench the “enemy,” all the while remaining dry himself.   Instead of revealing who this scoundrel might be we invite you to post your guesses in the Comment box below this post. 




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