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Race Participants

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Tom Stoner

Tom Stoner, Race Chairman










28th ANNUAL REGATTA SAILED ON June 29     (Click photos for full size image)

Our annual Regatta was another test of our perseverance as the wind was teasing us all day.  It was supposed to build to the 8-10 range by 1:00 but it only gave us spurts of 5 or so minutes before falling off again.  At least it didn’t rain but it did dry you out.  We managed only three ABC races each just once around.  Not good for three and a half hours as we started at 11:00 and called it a day at 2:30.

We had six boats come out- Russ Witzke and crew Tom Lucas, Ray and Ingrid Hemphill, Tom Stoner and Ron Hrabak, Phil and Eileen Correll, Joe Rutolo and Conrad Vanino, and Rick and Steve Crump.  Speedy Russ showed us the way by again physically beating everyone.  However the second race did him in as he got caught in some light air and lost his usual substantial margin finishing 5th after handicap giving him a 1-5-1.  Joe Rutolo in his O’Day Daysailer managed a 3-1-2 day to finish first overall.  Tom Stoner was third with a 5-2-3 day.

Thanks to our committee- Lou and Betty Brown, Mary Stajkowski, and Jan Stoner.  Also a big thanks goes to our chase boat crew- Barb Vanino, Mary Calcagno, Jay and Jane Moyer.  It’s nice to know someone is looking out for trouble as well as pulling the marks after the race.

If the chase boat continues to be available maybe we can have more around- the–island races.

Thanks again to Barb and Conrad Vanino for hosting the Regatta party the next day at their home.  Conrad did double duty as a fine auctioneer for the auction of used items for the benefit of the club.  Also thanks to helpers Joe and Michele Rutolo, Jan Stoner, Russ Witzke, Tom Lucas, and Tony Stajkowski for helping make the party a success.

Tom Stoner – Race Chairman

REGATTA PICNIC PHOTOS BELOW – Many thanks to the Vaninos for hosting the picnic and to all those who contributed and participated.

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