Big Fun at Little Buffalo

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Little Buffalo, Big Fun!

Ten adventuresome souls trekked to Little Buffalo State Park outside Newport, PA north of Harrisburg for a weekend of fun and fellowship in mid-March: Adairs, Stajkowskis, Moyers, Vaninos, Mary Calcagno and Anna Grace. Mike and I picked up the keys to the cabin mid-afternoon on Friday and soon the others arrived to “set up camp” for the weekend. It was a hardship to endure the modern conveniences of the cabin–hardwood floors, comfortable furniture, 40″ flatscreen TV and DVD player, fully appointed kitchen, 3 bedrooms of sturdy bunkbeds, 2 full baths, heat/AC, washer/dryer, and more, but somehow we managed.

Friday night, we enjoyed a dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and an awesome chocolate cake (Barb, you outdid yourself!). We played some games, the winners of which won prizes out of Kristel’s box of miscellaneous goodies. Next came the PJ Fashion show–lots of style, but Jay in his Grinch jammies was the hands-down winner!

Saturday’s plans included a GPS Poker Run in the park, so after our delicious pancake breakfast thanks to Chefs Tony, Mary, and Barb, Mike and I left in the beginning snowfall to set up the course. Owing to the weather, we didn’t make it unnecessarily challenging for the 4 teams to find the caches of playing cards, unless you wouldn’t think to look inside a porta-potty or were put off by a couple “Road Closed” signs. The snow fell a little harder, accumulating on the grass, trees, and road. Really pretty in this remote setting! While everyone was out on the poker run, Mike and I hiked a trail through the woods, one of many that exist in the park. We regrouped for lunch then finished the Texas Hold ’em game for the poker run and determined the winners to be Barb and Conrad. More prizes from the goodie box.

Foursies started right after lunch as it seemed we indulged in everyone’s snack food all day. A hearty game of Toss the Pigs (more prizes), a trial of Tai Chi by some of ladies, and a Jeff Dunham video rounded out the afternoon. We debated the wisdom of our dinner plans at a local restaurant considering it was still snowing, and we decided since we had all brought enough food to sink a battleship that we would continue to nosh our way into the evening. We entertained ourselves with good conversation, bad movies, and tall tales until some of us headed to our bunks. Michael, known to sleep through earthquakes, indeed slept through the shenanigans that followed…

My head had barely touched my pillow when a loud pounding began, and continued on and on. Then loud voices and hooting and thumping feet. Tony got up and confronted the offenders in his tidey-whities, but despite Tony’s dignified bearing the miscreants continued to behave like teenagers alone in the house for the first time with the parents away for the weekend. Without naming names or pointing fingers at who started the mischievous mayhem, I can relate that the residents of the downstairs bedroom were completely unrepentant the following morning. One claimed to be in the bathroom and completely innocent. Yeah, right! A brother and sister each ratted out the other, while another with a history of practical joking stood by with a saintly look on her face. Well, jokers, just remember, paybacks can come at any time!

We put the hootenanny of the previous night behind us as we sat down to a wonderful breakfast of ham, eggs, toast, and fruit served up by Jane, Anna, and Mary C. Before long we were packed up and heading for home, having thoroughly enjoyed the weekend at Little Buffalo!

Kristel and Mike Adair

Weekend Hosts

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