Super Bowl Party 2013

BMSA February 3rd, 2013 Super Bowl Party

It was a great evening with a full house of members of the Blue Marsh Sailing Association gathering to watch the 2013 Super Bowl game on Pennsylvania Avenue. The party was not held in the West Wing because of the number of attendees. It was held in the Flyers Den and Island Bar areas of the Vanino’s Casa.

There was concern this year for the turnout of the event as neither of of the Pennsylvania Teams were playing with few Baltimore or San Francisco fans within BMSA. However, everyone was surprised to see a record crowd turn out to watch the game considering it was just the 49’ers and the Ravens. Even more interesting was that the game was not a 49er “blow out” as predicted and the final results with the Ravens surviving a win by a score of 34 to 31 over the 49ers. Yes, hard to believe, but yes it did happen. It goes to show that the odds makers don’t really know the game as most think they do. We know now the value a made or missed field goal.

With lots of food, drinks, deserts and side entertainment by the Kaia and Hexi Duo, the Century 21 Ads during the game on the three TV’s and the guest appearances of the legendary Gene Paris and his neighbors Pat & Harry Shalter (three prior members who indicated a desire to re-join BMSA this year), it was a very merry time for all, even without the Eagles in the game.

Most interesting was the influence Gene Paris had on the Witzke’s, Tom Lucas, Sissy Elder, Anna Grace, Mary Calcagno and the other “old timers” as they hung around the Island Bar and Kaia and Hexi entertained the Antonini’s, Adairs, Moyer’s, Stajkowski’s and others in the Flyers Den with Barb keeping everyone in line. My job that day was to …. ( I don’t remember).

Conrad Vanino

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