Fall Cruise to Annapolis 2012

On October 5 two cruisers from Havre de Grace and Rock Hall set sail for Annapolis while three trailerables launched from Sandy Point. Just as Tom Stoner, Joe Rutolo, and Tony Stajkowski arrived at Sandy Point we learned that Tony’s trailer blew a wheel bearing and he was unable to launch. Several phone calls later BoatUS came to the rescue and Tony was back in business.

It was a beautiful sail to Annapolis. The wind was perfect, the sun warm and the sky blue. After a little confusion finding our respective slips we settled in and were treated to a wonderful beef stew dinner by our Fleet Captain and host, Donna Ferron. There were drinks, appetizers, singing, laughing, and good fun among the eleven of us who gathered on Donna’s boat.

On Saturday we took the water taxi to the boat show and split up into smaller groups to make navigating the crowded show a little easier. There was much to see and we spent the afternoon climbing around on our favorite dream boats and perusing the many stands selling every imaginable boating product. We met for dinner at Castlebay Irish Pub, which was a great choice with good food, good drinks and none of the crowds found at the mainstream restaurants closer to the Boat Show. The water taxi took us back to our boats in the dark and we battened the hatches in anticipation of the predicted heavy rain.

The rain didn’t come until morning and we were able to get underway while there was just a drizzle coming down. We put up our bimini in time for the heavier rain. As we turned north toward the Bay Bridge we found ourselves sailing nose into the wind. It was getting cold and our progress was very slow. Finally, as we approached the bridge, we took down the sails and cranked up the motor. Tony wisely motored the whole way back and as expected, Tom kept sailing until the last minute. The rain stopped in time for de-rigging and lunch, and it was an uneventful trip back on the road.

In spite of the rain on Sunday the trip was a sound success and another opportunity to sail to a great destination with our best friends.

Joe Rutolo

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