2012 Regatta


The six captains and their crews were an intrepid lot as they worked under a hot sun and light variable winds to do their best in racing around the courses. Despite the conditions and the frustrations that go with it, we remained in good spirits as we were buoyed by the occasional wind gusts that seemed to portend building winds but often dropped off to near nothing. But this is our sport played out on a lake that seems built to test our mettle.

Russ Witzke with crew Tom Lucas made it known that his newly purchased Buccaneer was to be a force reckoned with as he finished first in the three races but was awarded 2nd place after the BMSA handicap adjustment. For those who seem interested in such things, had we used the more commonly usedPortsmouthhandicap system the result would have been the same. Tom Stone with crew John Ward took home the honors by finishing first in all three races on adjusted time. Tom Stoner and crew Henry Borneman just nipped Armondo Antonini and crew Ralph Bibbus on the third race around the island to finish third for the day. Also racing were Phil Correll and crew Eileen Correll in their Celebrity 19. They will be contenders as they become more familiar with the lake. Joe Rutolo and crew Jay Moyer were sailing in the O’Day Daysailer. Joe will be a real contender as he goes through the learning curve with his boat.

Thanks go to the committee headed by Jan Stoner with helpers Jane Moyer, Anna Grace, Michele Rutolo, Chris Antonini, with special thanks to Ron Hrabak for his statistical work. The next race is scheduled for Saturday, July 28th.

Tom Stoner

Statistical Race Results

Handicap     YTD    6/30 Race Day

Skipper   Next Race    Points    Points

T. Stone     1.013      17        17

R. Witzke    1.000      14       14

T Stoner     1.159      9        9

A Antonini   1.113      8        8

P Correll    1.055      6        6

J Rutolo     1.547      3        3

B Ciferri    1.093

R Hemphill   1.088

M Katzen     1.180

T Stajkowski 1.264

M. Adair     1.227

Points represent number of boats beaten plus 1/race.

Handicap equals actual finishing time divided by winning time based on last 12 races with slowest 25% thrown out.  Actual race time divided by handicap equals adjusted time used to determine race winner.  Handicaps recalculated at end of each race day.

Race Dates; 30-Jun 28-Jul   25-Aug    29-Sep    20-Oct

Captains should notify Tom Stoner at least one week in advance of race day whether they will be racing or not in order that arrangements can be made or the race day cancelled.  Send e-mail or call.  Do not assume that I know what you are doing.  Need crew?  Maybe I can help.  Thank you.  Tom  tjstoner@msn.com or 610-678-0683

The following photos were taken during the annual Regatta at Blue Marsh Lake on June 30, 2012.