Annapolis 2011

This vagabond was not the quiet, sedate trip I had expected.  I don’t want to give the impression that we didn’t have a good time because we did.  This one overnight trip was expected to be a piece of cake.  Caravan to Sandy Point, sail to Annapolis, take a slip overnight, sail back, caravan home- couldn’t be easier we’ve done it many times.  Joe Rutolo and Ray Hemphill on Allegro, and Henry Borneman and myself on Babe vagabonded.  Donna Ferron and John Pittman with Tony and Mary Statjowski on board sailed over from Rock Hall.  Conrad and Barb Vanino with grandson Joey drove down to join us Saturday night. 

Mother Nature started the turmoil by bringing in a weekend of off again, on again showers.  This actually added to the interest because we scratched Sandy Point electing to put in at Truxton Park boat ramp on Spa Creek in Eastport.  This would eliminate the longer sail to Sandy Point in the event of really bad weather.  This added to the adventure as we had never used the Truxton facility and we had to raise the Spa Creek bridge to get to the marina on the lower side of Eastport.  The two ramps were excellent but parking is 100 yards away and the road to it is covered with low hanging branches.  We had to setup next to the ramp.  Otherwise we would recommend it.

The trip down was delayed a little when Joe did his thing- blowing a trailer tire on 695 around Baltimore.  He was prepared since he was carrying two spares!  Four guys made quick work of the tire change finishing the trip uneventfully.  We sailed out on the Bay under threatening clouds.  The sky opened up thoroughly drenching us from the waist down- no time for the bottom slickers.  We sailed into our slips at Eastport Yacht Center just off the Bay under clouds but no rain.  A picnic area with tables, chairs, and umbrellas was located adjacent to our slips making a handy cocktail hour venue.  The next rain shower held off until after we had finished, stowed our gear, and put up our rain canopy.  A half hour later we walked two blocks to have dinner outside at Davis’ Pub.  Good food, good drinks, and friendly folks socializing outside.  We then walked into Annapolis to lounge on the wall along Ego Alley to people and boat watch and, of course, to eat ice cream!  Ask Barb how it feels to have a double dip melt away in your hand!

Our walk back to the slips in the dark led by Ray was a hoot.  We knew we were by the water on Second Street but a “short cut” suggested by a passerby resulted in an obstacle course.  Climbing over a seawall we had to cross the extensive lawn of a seaside mansion brightly lit with people inside, cut through their landscaping and drop over a wall onto the street.  It’s a wonder they didn’t sic the dogs on these “intruders”!  We actually thumbed a ride back to the marina.  After more seaside chat we retired for the night.  The next downpour started at 1:30 but we were able to enjoy it from the comfort of our sleeping bags.  Sunday dawned with more clouds but no rain.  We walked to a nearby restaurant for a leisurely breakfast.  We bid the folks on Halcyon a fair sail back to Rock Hall and headed out to the Bay.  Our sail was again shortened by threatening clouds converging on us so we hustled back in to catch the next bridge opening.  Mother Nature was just toying with us as her rain held off until we were at the ramp, knocked down, in ready to drive home condition, and having our lunch under the pavilion at the park.

In thinking back about the many vagabonds I have participated in, I can truly say I have enjoyed them all.  Each have had a little twist to them, the weather not always perfect, meeting new people, an obstacle now and then, but feeling good that the experience gained on each trip stands us in good stead on the next adventure.

Tom Stoner