Perfect Daysail at Lake Nockamixon

On Saturday, July 9, four sailboats and two kayaks from our club made their way to Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, near Quakertown.  Most of us arrived at the lake about 10:00 AM, rigged and got on the water by 11:00.  It was a beautiful sunny day……hot, but the perfect 10-13 knot wind made it very bearable.  We sailed up the lake, trying to see if we could make it all the way to the end.   It was a good four mile trip and as we neared the end, the lake narrowed.   We were on an easy broad reach most of the way up, but as soon as we came about we began to realize the tight quarters were about to make for some repetitious tacking.  It took about 20 minutes to clear the narrow end of the lake, but once we were in more open water the close reach on the way back was awesome!   In our little 17 foot O’Day Daysailer Michele and I felt like we were flying over the water.  A huge wake followed us all the way back to the marina.   The ride was exhilarating!  

The other boats consisted of Babe, a Mariner 19 skippered by Tom Stoner who was accompanied by his wife Jan and two of our new members, Justin and Pauline March.   Tony and Mary Stajkowski sailed their Precision 18, Coventina, and Marty Katzen sailed his Hunter 23, Maggie B, with Isabel.   Mike and Kristel Adair brought their kayaks, but we missed them by minutes.   We started to head for the marina around 2:30 or 3 PM and were all de-rigged by about 4:00 o’clock.   Some friendly sailors told us that a good place to eat was Becker’s, just a few miles down the road from the lake.   It turned out to be the perfect spot for a few beers and a relaxing dinner for some scruffy sailors who desperately needed to get refreshed from the heat and excitement of the day.   While de-rigging Michele and I discovered that one of our spreaders broke while we were putting the mast on its supports.   Had it broken while sailing we might have de-masted.   You can never check your rigging too often.  

We made it back home by about 8 PM, greeted by our Border Collie who was very happy to see us.   After parking the boat and unloading our gear we recounted the events of the day, and both agreed… was a perfect day of sailing.

Joe Rutolo