Regatta 2011 Results

Our annual Regatta (2011 was our 26st) was held on Saturday June 25.  It promised to be a windy day with some good gusts but no rain from an approaching front.  Unfortunately there was a shortage of sailors ready to take advantage of these favorable conditions as we had only four boats out of fifteen local trailerable boats that could reasonably be expected to participate.  The fleet today included Armando Antonini and crew Russ Witzke, Bob Ciferri with co-worker Jeff and son Mitch, Joe Rutolo and John Pittman, and myself with crew Henry Borneman and Lou Brown.  With the nice winds we started with an ABC twice around; followed by an around the island, and finishing with an ABC.

Captain 1st Race 2nd Race 3rd Race Overall
Antonini 1 1 DNS 1
Ciferri 3 2 1 2
Rutolo 2 3 2 3
Stoner Disq. DNF DNS  


My version of excuses was: Ciferri was virtually sailing for the first time since the first race last year; Rutolo was sailing with a new boat and his crew, John, while not new to sailing had not crewed for him previously.  He raced the O’Day Day Sailer he recently acquired which was Russ Marker’s boat “Magic Marker”; and I several mishaps.  The first mishap was my own doing as my overlap on Armando was not reached within the required two boat lengths.  I failed to yield in a timely manner resulting in my hitting Armando as well as snagging the finish marker.  I disqualified myself for stupid sailing.  My second mishap was the breaking of my tiller on the beat up the river.  It was a most unfortunate day!  Thanks to Lou who has graciously provided a replacement tiller from his former boat “Old Lonely” I won’t miss any sailing.  My thanks to the committee: Jan Stoner, Ron and Kathy Alesin, Donna Ferron, Marian Borneman and Betty Brown.

Tom Stoner- Racing Chairman