CBYCA Newsletter

The following information was received via email from our CBYCA delegate, Donna Ferron on 1-16-16:

Delegates and Board Members the note below refers to a suspension of 2 sections of the By Laws, it is not a change of the By Laws.  It is hoped that this temporary change will bring about greater participation by the Delegates and their clubs.

Commodore Terry suggested that BOG and Delegates meetings could be combined into one meeting to shorten time in meetings.  After discussion, the Board members approved the Commodore’s suggestion to combine the board and delegates meetings, change the names of the meetings, and pass the approval on to the delegates for their approval.    IPC & Bylaws committee Chair, Tom Kenavan made a motion, seconded by QO Kyle Gray and approved unanimously for the resolution to be sent to the Delegates for the delegate’s final approval and implementation.

The approved resolution made by IPC Kenavan reads:
“I move that portions of Article VIII (MEETINGS), Sections 1 and 2, be suspended until the current Bylaws effort is completed.  The suspension of portions of Article VIII, section 1 and 2, is to be implemented at the close of the upcoming February 20TH2016, Delegates and BOG meeting.  The sections involved are sections 1 and 2 of Article VIII and shall read as follows:

  1. Article VIII, Section 1.  The Association’s Board of Governors meetings shall be held monthly, on the third Saturday of each month, at 0930 hours, or within two weeks of the third week of each of these months at 0930 hours,except during the months of February, April, August and November.  During the four months of February, April, August and November, the Board of Governors shall meet with the Delegates in a combined meetings at 0930 hours or within two weeks of the third week of each of these months. Dates and times of the meetings may be changed at the discretion of the Commodore once he/she has obtained approval of the Board of Governors.
  2. Article VII, Section 2.  The Officers and other Board Members elected orappointed at the August Annual Association Meeting, shall be formerly installed during the November Association’s combined meeting.”

As approved and requested January 9, 2016 at the Board of Governors meeting held at Otter Point Yacht Club, MD, the resolution is to be used until the current bylaws revision is completed and either approved or rejected.

It should be noted that the existing wording to the above two sections reads as follows:

Section 1)  The annual Delegates meeting of the Association shall be held each year in November at such time and place designated by the Board.  The officers and other Board members elected at the August Delegates meeting shall be formally installed during the annual meeting.

Section 2)  Other Delegates meetings of the Association shall be held in February, April and August, or within two weeks of such months, at a time and place designated by the Board.