A Trip to Winterthur

BMSA at the March Banks

Sixteen people attended the Winterthur Estate tour on Saturday, March 26.  Several members started the day off with breakfast at the Breakfast Hut, followed by departure from the Boscov’s East parking lot at approximately 11:15 AM.  Disappointingly, the Garden Tram did not run due to the 32 degree weather we were experiencing that day.  However, the group made the most of their time prior to the house tour by watching the introductory film, exploring the exhibits, and walking in the sunshine around the March bank to see the early blooming flowers and bulbs, which were a beautiful sight after this rough winter.  The blue Glory-of-the-Snow flowers were impressive, creating a blue carpet from one hill to the next, with miniature daffodils interspersed sporadically throughout.  The blue birds were an especially nice accent flying from limb to limb.  Our guided tour of the duPont mansion was relegated to the fifth and sixth floors on that particular Saturday; it did not disappoint.  Broken into two groups, each of our tour guides were quite knowledgeable about the history of the items in each room, giving insight into how the family lived among the treasures.  Especially interesting was how each and every room made the best use of color.  Afterward, everyone had time to poke through the museum and book stores, as well as walk through the beautiful gardens again for more photo opportunities.

The Spiral Staircase

Dinner was held at Buckley’s Tavern, about two minutes away.  Mary Calcagno arranged for a private room, which was a good thing due to the noise level and laughter throughout the meal.  Quite a few different brews were tasted that evening, with the most distinctive being the “Arrogant Bastard” ordered by none other than Neil and Conrad.  Just imagine the comments at the table that order produced!!! 

Michele Rutolo