Racing 2010


Well we got the new racing season off to a start although a very slow start! The first gun was around 11:00 and we quit at 2:00- three hours of racing. What did we have to show for it? Two (count ‘em, folks), two ABC races! It took so long to do them that I actually thought we had done three races! But it was a day on the water and being overcast we didn’t get sunburned.

The Memorial Day weekend took its toll on the number of participants as we only had five boats show up. With the very light winds Armando had a distinct advantage in his Surprise. He showed the way by taking both races.


We had a turnout of seven boats on a day which saw light winds for the first race but continued to build slowly throughout the day. We ran two short ABC races then were able to get in two ABCAC races. However it didn’t matter what we ran as Jerry Nichols with Russ Witzke as crew physically won all four races losing the third race on handicap. Mike and Kristel Adair after a fifth place in the first race got their act together to finish 2,1,2 in the last three races. Joe Rutolo and crew Rick Crump stayed close enough all day to use their handicap to cop third place. All in all it was a fun day of sailing. Maybe next month we will get a couple more boats out as the word gets out that this is a great opportunity to enjoy our sport. Our thanks go to the committee- Jan Stoner, Anna Grace, Lou and Betty Brown, Muriel Meier, and Marian Borneman for a job well done.

Racing July 31, 2010

We had only three boats show up for this race day. I guess summer has too many activities begging for our time. In any event it was a strange day-gusty one minute dead the next. This resulted in some boats moving nicely while others were dead in the water. It was never certain who was going to win until the finish gun sounded. The winds were generally from the east which required starts using the finish line. We ran three CBA’s and one CBA twice around. Newcomer Tom Stone in his Flying Scott with crew John Ward won two races on adjusted time to take first overall. Armando Antonini with crew Russ Witzke was second and Tom Stoner with crew Henry Borneman finished third. All boats won at least one race on adjusted time. Our thanks again to the committee Jan Stoner, Ron and Cathy Alesin, and Muriel Meier for their good work.

Racing on August 28

We only had two boats that were available to race so I canceled this race.  Maybe  next month will be better.

Racing on September 25

This is just not our year!  Mother nature did us in by not sending us any rain this summer.  The Corp of Engineers had to release water to push the salt line back down the Delaware thus drawing the lake down to the point that docks were removed and the ramps closed.  Another race day shot!  A week after the closure the rains came in force filling the lake but the docks are “retired” for the season.  The last race is our annual Turkey race on October 30.  We will have to board our boats without the benefit of the docks but this was always the case when the race was held in November and the docks were never in.  As of this writing five boats are signed up.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  Tom 610-223-3593