Fourth Race of Season Results – August 30,2009

Our original Saturday race date had to be scratched for weather reasons.  While we would have been dry the previous day’s rain resulted in Blue Marsh closing to prevent flooding downstream plus the wind was nonexistent.  We were able to reschedule to Sunday but lost three boats and the whole committee.   Thanks to Mike Gent, Mary Stajkowski, Willard Smith, and Betty Brown for their last minute committee work.  The day was sunny, dry, and very windy with gusts.  It was a day to have an agile crew!  Armando, sailing alone, can attest to that as he battled all day to keep from capsizing and bailed at every opportunity.  Ron Hrabak, crewing for Bob Ciferri, fell overboard when he went forward to free a fouled line but Ron was wearing a life jacket and Bob demonstrated good man overboard skills in retrieving him.  Lou Brown and crew Russ Witzke were on top of their game as they won all four races on corrected time.  Tom Stoner and crew Henry Borneman sailing the other Mariner battled the winners all day but had to settle for second place.  Joe Rutolo with crew Michelle tied Bob and Ron for third.  The windy conditions provided great sailing and enabled us to sail longer races including a circumnavigation of the island.  On a humorous note the Corps sent a boat out to retrieve debris that might have floated into the dam from the runoff and they picked up one of our race markers only returning it when they realized there were others just like it!  Are they really that shabby? 

Tom Stoner- Race Chairman 610-223-3593