Race Day Recap – July 25, 2009

Mother Nature is smiling on our race program as she slipped a sunny windy day in the middle of all this gloomy, rainy weather we have been having.  Seven boats showed up to do battle.  The 10-15 knot winds that were predicted did not show up until the last race and during our post race social.  However the first three races had light winds with occasional gusts.  The many wind shifts kept us adjusting sail settings and were a constant wonderment as to who they would favor next.    Bob Ciferri , with crew John Ward, continued his winning ways taking overall honors.  Lou Brown, with crew Russ Witzke, and Joe Rutolo and crew Michele tied for second.  I, with crew john Pittman, came in fourth.  The handicaps are starting to tighten up as the four races had four different winners on adjusted times.  Our thanks to the race committee Jan Stoner, Jay and Jane Moyer, and Ron Hrabak for their normal fine job.   A special thanks to Jay Moyer and John Pittman who helped many of our sailors to retrieve their boats.  Tom Stoner, Race Chairman  610-223-3593