Racing Recap – June 27, 2009

RACING RECAP June 27, 2009

The weather gods are looking down fondly on us as they gave us an almost perfect day for sailing.  I feel sorry for those who were unable to make it.  I was a little disappointed in the turnout of only six boats especially since we had eleven for our inaugural race last month and this was our annual regatta.  But the racing was close and spirited with the good winds which were sustained all day.  The committee reported that a number of people came up to inquire about the racing and there were quite a few folks sitting on the bank enjoying the show. 

Our handicap system rewards improvement and it showed with Bob Ciferri and crew Rick Crump capturing first place overall.  Ray Hemphill, with his normal crew Ron Gebeau and the addition of Sean Hollis as an advisor, improved his standing and came in second.  Tony and Mary Stajkowski have been coming on strong as of late and finished third.

Each boat’s handicap is an average of its race results calculated by dividing its actual finish time by the winning time.  Slower boats can win by reducing their margin of losing and faster boats win by increasing their normal margin of winning- it’s that simple.  But regardless of who’s winning the important thing is learning and having fun.  That’s happening so let’s see you out there next month- July 25.

Tom Stoner- Race Chairman 610-223-3593