May 30, 2009 Race Observations

May 30, 2009 Race Observations              

The turnout of 11 boats was encouraging- sailing is still an activity in Berks! 

The Ferron family was out in force.  Donna sailed with Sean;  John  and brother Darryl sailed with Lou; and Darryl’s son Dylan and daughter Sloan sailed with me.  Dylan and Sloan were new to sailing so it took a couple races to get the hang of it but soon were doing quite nicely.  Dylan took the tiller as we took in the buoys under sail.  Hope we see more of them this season. 

Marty had to work but that did not deter Nancy from driving the boat up to the lake.  A voice from the past, Larry Bortz, took a day off from his drumming chores to crew for Nancy.  It looks like she has really gotten the racing bug after her win at last year’s Turkey race! 

Confusion seemed to reign in the second race as we called an ABC twice around.  Sean and Jerry, our speed monsters ,  got around in no time flat while the rest of the fleet took forever.  An inadvertent sounding of the horn might have thrown the fleet off.  In any event the poor times were thrown out because of the 25% throw-out rule. 

I am looking for someone who will take over the racing committee.  Jan will not be at the next race due to a class reunion and Joan will be moving soon.  If you can spare one Saturday a month and want a front row seat to the action give me a call.

The change requiring the rounding of the buoy marking the finish line seemed to work O.K.  The change was made to keep all boats moving in the same direction at the finish line whether finishing or just rounding the mark as part of the race pursuant to finishing.

The racing seems to be attracting some observers as well as potential members to the club.

Welcome back to Sam McGuire.  He was a member several years ago and raced then.  He has been involved in work the last couple years and now has a little more time to sail.  He had his son, Nate, as crew.

There was a call to run a race around the island.  I didn’t call it because the wind seemed to be dying and I thought the lee side of the island would be slow.  However on hindsight the wind would have been O.K. and the lack of a chase boat would not have been as much a deterrent because with one rounding the fleet would have been closer together and thus able to provide assistance.  Please give me your thoughts for future race days.

We will be starting our mid-week sailing on June 3rd.  It’s a great way to get your boat out and your skills sharpened.  If you want on our e-mail mailing and have not been getting them please let me know.  Tom Stoner 610-223-3593 (cell) or